Elixir 2.12 is available

What is new

  • Volume dialog: sound of changing volume can be turned off
  • Brightness toggle: opens a smarter dialog, slider and percent buttons can be used together
  • New wallpaper dialog: change wallpaper faster, custom images can be set too
  • New battery time widget: displays the time the device is on charge/battery
  • Mobile/Wifi traffic widget: can reset traffic counter to be able to measure traffic
  • Contact widget: the Elixir menu has a new design to look better
  • Running processes: can kill a single process on rooted devices
  • Profiles: stop application, change wallpaper action
  • Statusbar percent icons: use the larger, new Roboto font introduced in ICS
  • Empty widget slot: can be used as a custom slot; icon, label and action can be set
  • Other small changes, bugfixes: icon resize fix, widget layout fix, wifi ap toggle fox for ICS…

Volume dialog

There is a new sound toggle on the volume dialog to enable/disable sound of changing volume. If this option is enabled while you are using the slider the device will play a sound to check current volume level. If you turn this option off then changing volume will be silent:

Brightness dialog

If you click long on the Brightness toggle on the widget editor screen you can set to open dialog instead of changing brightness to the next level. The opening dialog is smarter than before because you can use the slider to set any brightness level and you can use the buttons too to set the level faster. These buttons display the levels you can set on the widget editor screen:


Changing wallpaper is a new feature in Elixir. If you click on the display row on the Device information screen there is a new Change wallpaper option. If you select this option a dialog appears where you can:

  • set a system wallpaper by clicking on Set wallpaper
  • set the default wallpaper by clicking on Default wallpaper
  • set a live wallpaper by clicking on Live wallpaper
  • set a custom image by clicking on Pick image
  • the last 5 custom images are stored and displayed and can be activated/removed by clicking/long clicking on the list item


You can use the new Wallpaper toggle in a widget to open the wallpaper dialog or this dialog can be opened as a shortcut too.

By using this new toggle it is possible now to change wallpaper by selecting a profile and use different custom wallpapers for different profiles.

Reset traffic counters

If you click on the mobile or wifi traffic icon in a widget a new dialog appears where you can reset the traffic counter. You can use this new feature to measure network traffic:

New dialog for contact menu

Here you can see the new look of contact menu:

The title of the dialog is the name of the contact. You can view or edit the contact profile screen by clicking on the View or Edit buttons. The icon in every row indicates if you would like to write an email, call the number or write a message by clicking on the list item.

Elixir 2.11 is available

What is new

  • Better widget performance: do almost nothing when screen is off
  • Widget editor: icon transparency, new UI, sort applications by label option, new swap mode
  • Mute toggle: can be set to enter silent or vibrate mode when activated
  • Uptime widget: can display real uptime value, awake time without sleep and awake ratio
  • Uptime, external storage and volume widget: custom image can be set
  • Device information screen / input row: displays current input method, select input method option
  • Device information screen / display row: density displays the real density
  • Applications screen: add label to multiple applications in batch mode
  • Other small changes, bugfixes: 1×1 widget fix, next alarm widget fix, shortcut widget fix, …

Widget editor

The UI of the widget editor changed because it was a bit messy. Now the background, label, icon and other parameters are grouped. One of the new features is icon transparency:

Some improvements were made to make it easier to reorganize slots in a widget. If you click on the right arrow icon in the header there is a new Sort applications by label option. If you have multiple application icons in the widget and you would like keep them sorted by name then this feature is for you. If you would like to add a new application icon to the widget then you can add it to a free place and by clicking on the new option the application icons will be sorted in place.

If you would like to reorganize slots then there is a new Swap mode. Using this mode makes it 50% faster to swap icons. If you click on the eye icon in the header you can select between three modes:

  • Edit mode: this is the default mode. You can change a slot by clicking on it and you can swap slots by long clicking on one and selecting the Swap slots option and then selecting the other slot.
  • View mode: this mode can be selected only if you have empty or hide slots in your widget. This is the YGWYS mode.
  • Swap mode: you can change a slot by long clicking on it and selecting the Change slot option. Swapping slots are faster. Just click on a slot and then an other one to swap them.

Select input method

On the Device information screen the input row displays the name of the current input method. There is a new Select input method option too where you can change the current input method:


Add label to multiple applications in batch mode

On the Applications screen you can add labels faster to applications using batch mode. If you click on the list icon in the header select the Turn batch mode on option. Select the applications and then click on the Batch: add label option. A dialog window appears where you can select the label you would like to add to the checked applications: