E-Robot 1.4 is available

What is new

  • New events:
    • Bluetooth & NFC / NFC tag discovered
  • New actions:
    • Applications / Show home
    • Audio / Play default sound
    • Audio / Media Playback: Stop
    • Audio / Media Playback: Pause
    • Audio / Media Playback: Toggle Pause
    • Audio / Media Playback: Next
    • Audio / Media Playback: Previous
    • Display / Screenshot
  • New expressions:
    • Empty expression: for optional expressions
    • Network Is connected: returns true if the specified type of network is connected
  • Change screen timeout action: timeout parameter changed to expression
  • Wait action has a new “while” parameter to wait while condition is true
  • Configurable shortcuts: you can set custom label and image for command shortcuts
  • Supports Ipack icons
  • Free version with full feature set: even conditions can be used, only number of commands are maximized to 4
  • Other changes, fixes

Customizable shortcuts

You can create shortcuts for commands or command groups to manually execute a command. When you create an E-Robot shortcut you can select which command you want to execute:

Select a command

After that you can change the label of shortcut or set a custom image for it. Ipack icons are supported or you can pick an image from your device too:

Change imageSelect an Ipack iconThe customized shortcut

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