E-Robot 1.10 is available

What is new

  • New expressions: Application / Application in focus; Application group is running; Application group in focus
  • Input method changed event has an input method filter
  • Fixed action: Change vibrate setting
  • Pro activation via PayPal
  • Other changes and fixes

Pro activation via PayPal

From this release it is available to activate E-Robot via PayPal donation. To do that open the Pro Key screen and click on the Donate button:


The PayPal web page appears where you can make a donation. After that I will send you your activation code in e-mail to the e-mail address you used for the donation. When you received the activation code click on the Activate button and enter your code in the appearing dialog:


Your Google account will be used for activation, this means that you can use this activation code in any of your device where you have the same Google account. If you have multiple active accounts then you have to choose one of them or if you don’t have any then you have to enter your e-mail address. The activation code will be linked to your address.

It is important that network connection is needed for the activation. If your activation code is accepted then the Activate button becomes disabled and will display the Activated label. Restart the application to use Pro features.

6 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.10 is available

  1. Great application. Thanks for it. I have a question. it’s possible to put a notification in the notification area. But is there a possibility to discard a notification that is built with a E-Robot command, without using clear button in the notification area, but with an other E-Robot command ?
    An other question…is there a solution for changing the image of the notification ?
    (Sorry for my poor english…)

    • Now it is not possible to cancel a notification but in the next release there will be a “Cancel notification” action and it makes it possible to cancel all notifications or the one with the specified id. If you want to use this version before the release I can send you a dev version.

      Changing notification image is not possible. Only built-in icons could be used for a notification and there is no image set for that in E-Robot.

  2. Nice app, if I this had been available I wouldn’t have bothered to invest all that time learning Tasker.

    Can you use the setting of a variable as an event?

  3. Better and better….thanks for the deletion of a notification. It would be great to have a forum or a space to share scripts or tout see how others users are making their commands…. it’s perhaps already done….

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