E-Robot 1.19.1 is available

What is new

  • Wait action fix
  • Execute Robot command: new “enable execute itself” parameter for security reasons
  • Debug screen: fix of clear debug messages

17 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.19.1 is available

  1. How can I create commands based on sensors? I want to use orientation event and I can not set any parameters for this event.
    For example – I want to screen off when I put the phone into a pocket (I want to just use the orientation event and proximity event)

    • Most of sensors almost are very hard to use directly. There are output variables in the events and you can use them with the Variable value expression.
      Because it is very hard I created and added easier versions of sensor actions like Device turned over, Device shaked, …

      How would you like to detect that phone is in your pocket?

  2. If it is as you say, that would mean that your app is the best of the best.

    In pseudo-code would look like this (although I’m not sure. I’d have to test it):

    inPocket = (sensors.proximity && InRange(sensors.compass.pitch,20,80) && InRange(sensors.compass.roll,90,140))

  3. Hi Barta
    Firstly this is an excellent app. Dont know why general world does not know abt this Tasker/Llama killer app. Atleast I have never heard about e-Robot on xda which is the largest android users forums. Please come to xda to further advertise tis superb app.
    Anyways, I would want to use Text-to-speech to reading out stuff BUT I am having hard time getting e-robot to speak custom text with embeded variables. For instance on some event, I would like e-robot to speak say ‘Hello, time right now is %abc, you have %pqr sms and %xyz missed calls” but erobot only allows either plain text or speaking only variables of erobot but I want erobot to read like given about. Tasker allows this. Can we do this in e-robot??

    • Custom text can be created using the Concatenate operator, you can concatenate constants texts, variable values or any expressions, for example:

      Concatenate “Hello, time right now is ” + Variable value (“abc”) + “, you have ” + Variable value (“pqr”) + ” sms.”

  4. When using Greenify-Hibernate Now and providing a Specific app to greenify does not work with erobot. I think erobot just calls ‘Hibernate Now’ which will Hibernate all apps in the Greenify’s list which are open but I want to force Hibernate a specific app on some event like when I switch off my Wifi. This is working in Llama but not in eRobot. Pls check. Also do you have some forum/bug reporting place for eRobot?

  5. Dear Tamas Barta,
    Thanks for E-Robot. It is perfect app for beginner and also quite powerful for pro.

    Please help to solve a problem – E-Robot works but do not kill apps. There is an error message in E-Robot debug ERROR : eu.chainfire.libsuperuser.ShellOnMainTreadException: Application attempted to run a shell command from the main thread.
    My phone is rooted 4.2.2, SuperSU 1.26 installed and right are Granted properly. Elixir System and Admin plugins are installed also.

  6. I´m using the program since appox. 1 month and there are so many possibilities that I have problems to find all (and the right) function.

    Do you have a list/spreadsheet of all combinations of commands and expressions ?

    I want to pair my ext Bluetooth gps mouse. How I have to “enter” the pairing code (0000) automatic ?

    How can I set a command with a text of the event ? My brother (named Torsten) will visit me next sunday and I want a message displayed like “Torsten is coming at [%time%]”. On Friday he called me and changed the event to next Tuesday. Is it possible to change the event automatic by searching for a keyword in the event ?

    Do you have a language file for the german users ???

    • – list of all combinations would be an almost infinite list, no there is no such a list
      – bluetooth pairing cannot be done by E-Robot
      – i don’t understand the “set a command with a text of event” problem. I suggest to use Google Calendar and you can use calendar events in E-Robot.
      – all translations are done by users, so someone is needed to translate it to german from english

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