Elixir and E-Robot for Android by Tamás Barta


E-Robot 1.39 is available

What is new

  • New event: Control / Robot service started
  • New event: Control / Robot service stopped
  • New expression: Display / Orientation
  • New expression: Display / Is orientation
  • New expression: Bluetooth / Bonded bluetooth devices
  • New expression: Audio / A2DP audio routing to Bluetooth headset
  • NFC tag discovered event: new "id" filter, new "id" output variable
  • Notification posted event: Permission help text fix and permission check
  • Variable is set event: new "oldValue", "newValue", "changed" output variables
  • Camera action: new "orientation" parameter
  • GPS action: on older phones it can work without root
  • Set unlock password action: fix if password was empty
  • Mobile data action: fix for Android 5.0
  • Convert to number operator: has a new "radix" parameter
  • Lot of other changes and fixes
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Elixir 2.39 is available

What is new

  • Optimization of Applications screen
  • Android 5.0 fix: Mobile data toggle (root needed)
  • Lock toggle fix: couldn't set password if it was empty before
  • System add-on fix: converting to system app doesn't use the name base.apk because it could override other application or could be overridden
  • System add-on fix: uninstalling could delete all the priv-app directory
  • System add-on: Installs backup script which is used in CM when system is upgraded
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