Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is about Elixir, Elixir 2, Elixir 2 – Widgets, E-Robot and other add-ons.

These applications do not collect any personal information about you. When you use my apps, none of your personal information is transmitted anywhere.

The applications send data only in the following cases:

  • If it is requested by the user e.g. sending an automatic SMS or e-mail.
  • If the application dies it sends error reports to the developer to improve product quality by fixing them.
  • The apps only use Google Ads as third-party advertising company in order to serve advertisements. Note that such use is subject to the privacy policy of said parties

The applications need permissions to accomplish their tasks:

  • Device administrator (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN): this permission is needed to turn screen off when you execute this action in E-Robot or if you use the Screen toggle in Elixir 2