Elixir 2.25 is available

What is new

  • New widget types: wifi name, wifi link speed
  • Displaying toggle change messages can be disabled in widgets
  • Flash toggle: new turn screen off parameter if you want to turn screen off while using flash
  • Running applications widget: applications can be stopped right there
  • Widget refresh rate parameter has a “default” option which displays what is the default value
  • List type parameter dialogs now display the currently selected option
  • Default launcher and Task Manager of Samsung Galaxy S3 can be launched from widgets as an application or action
  • Profiles keep the order of actions you created and you can reorder actions by dragging the icon
  • Other small changes and bugfixes (gingerbread widget sizes)

Disabling toggle change messages

By default if you click on a toggle a toast message is displayed about the state changing. You can see this message at the bottom of the first screenshot. If you would like to disable these messages for a widget open the widget editor and turn Show state change message off then save the widget.

Stop applications right from widget

If you use Running applications widget then you can stop an application right from the popup dialog. There is an X icon for every application and if you click on it will stop the application, kill the process or open the system screen where you can force close it. The method depends on the process you selected and whether you have a rooted device or not.

Widget list parameters dialog

If you change a value of a list type parameter of a slot on the widget editor screen then it displays the currently selected option as a checked checkbox.

The other change you can see on this screenshot is that the refresh rate parameter has a new option in form default – 1 minute which makes it possible to change back to the default value and you can see what is the default value:

Order of Profile actions

The order of profile actions can be important in some cases so from this version of Elixir 2 the actions of profiles keep the order you created them, there is no automatic reordering anymore. If you would like to change the order later you can drag the icon of an action and drop to anywhere easily.

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