Elixir 2.27 is available

What is new

  • New widget type: Screen Orientation toggle
  • Flash toggle changes screen timeout when white screen is used
  • Optimization of Recent applications widget type
  • Optimization of Shortcut widget types
  • Optimization of Wallpaper toggle
  • Tethering & hotspot, Wifi hotspot system screens can be opened from widgets and device info screen
  • Restore backup files fix
  • Small changes and bugfixes

Changing screen orientation

There is new Screen orientation toggle you can use in widgets and profiles:

If you click on the toggle you can select the orientation you would like to use:

You can change back to normal operation by selecting default.

If you click long on the toggle on the widget editor screen then you can assign an orientation to the toggle. If you do so then to toggle will switch between the selected orientation and the default setting.

5 thoughts on “Elixir 2.27 is available

  1. I just installed Elixir and was wondering if there is any way to set the default screen orientation by application. For instance, almost any application I use that requires the keyboard I would typically want to use landscape. I do that now by by moving the phone in that position, but it takes a while for the physical action to catch up and change the orientation. It would be nice to have certainl applications, when opened, display in the orientation chosen as some type of application setting.

  2. Thanks for the new Elixir 2 update. The new Next Alarm widget seems to have a problem when alarms are set from different applications. It shows the next alarm set from the application that was last used to set the alarm. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem.

    1. Set an alarm for 6am from Clock application. The widget now shows 6 am.
    2. Set an alarm for 7 am from Alarm Clock Plus. The widget now allows that the next alarm is set at 7 am though we already have an alarm at 6 am set from the Clock application.

    Kindly check and fix this. Thank you very much once again for the fabulous application.

    • Hi,

      The latest update didn’t change the work of Alarm widget, only the appearance.

      This is not a bug in Elixir, let me explain it.
      There is only one “Next Alarm” property in Android:

      If you use multiple apps for alarm then you can see that they don’t see the alarms set in the other app.
      This is because these alarms are handled by the apps itself, there is no global alarms database in Android.

      There is only this one setting I wrote you. When you use one of these apps then that app changes this setting
      to a value that is valid for the app itself but invalid at global level. So these applications set a wrong alarm value
      because they don’t know about other alarms.

      I suggest you not to you multiple alarm apps if you want this “next alarm” setting to be handled correctly (not just in Elixir)

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