Elixir 2.30 is available

What is new

  • Airplane mode toggle can be used in JB on rooted devices if you install the latest System add-on
  • New CPU Governor toggle which can be used in widgets and profiles too
  • New CHBS Glasspack 2 icon pack
  • New Files screen: a simple file browser, you can view even system files on rooted devices
  • Elixir 2 can create View file shortcuts so you can easily open files from widgets
  • Profiles: a new Start shortcut action
  • Device information / Processor: displays available frequences and governors; display and set current cpu governor
  • Logcat screen can display logs on rooted JB devices
  • Other small changes, fixes

CPU Governor

If you click on the Processor row on the Device information screen and select the More information option then you can see the list of Available frequencies and Available governors and you can see the current Governor value too:

More information

There is a new Change CPU governor option which can be used only on rooted devices:

Change CPU Governor

The CPU governor toggle displays the current governor setting and a selector dialog appears after you click on it:

CPU Governor toggle

As I wrote before you can set CPU governor in profiles too.

Icon packs

A new improved version of CHBS Glasspack is available with name CHBS Glasspack 2.0 from Gál István:

New icon pack

Icon packs can be downloaded if you click on the right arrow icon on the widget editor screen and select the Customize icons options. After that select the Get icon pack from Web on that screen the same way.

File browser

A new files icon is available on the main screen of Elixir 2:


It is a simple file browser with the following features:

  • browse directories; even system directories on rooted devices
  • displays directory creation date and symlink property if the directory is linked
  • displays file modification date and size
  • content of files can be viewed, event system files on rooted devices
  • files can be opened in view or edit mode with the default application
  • files can be filtered by name
  • files can be sorted by name, size or modification date


This file browser is used to create a shortcut to open a file:


So after this release you can open files from Elixir 2 widgets too:


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