Elixir 2.37 is available

What is new

  • New toggle: Location mode toggle from Android 4.4
  • New widget: CPU temperature if available
  • Ringtone toggle: can change ringtone for streams alarm, notification and ring
  • CPU information displays CPU temperature if available
  • New widget serialization to fix “Tried to marshall a Parcel” error
  • Custom icon packs can be used in widgets on Android 4.4
  • Other fixes and changes

4 thoughts on “Elixir 2.37 is available

  1. Have you had anyone report problems using custom images (not from icon packs) for their widgets? I assign graphics, the widgets look fine, but when I create them, there’s nothing there. No graphic. And also, the widgets don’t respond to touch action, such as launching an app. The only thing you can do with it is get it off the homescreen. If you try to restore it, the graphic is gone, and since I don’t use the labels, I have to reenable the label to know what it was…then I can reassign the graphic again, but then back on the merry go round we go. Any ideas?

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