E-Robot 1.24 is available

What is new

  • New event: Display / Screen is off for a while
  • New action: Connect to network
  • Device turned over and back events are fixed and have two parameters to set enter and exit limit values
  • Events and actions are labeled if they need root
  • Wait action fix if display is off
  • Other fixes and changes

Labels for actions and events

Events and actions which use root permission are labeled by root on the event/action selector screen:


One thought on “E-Robot 1.24 is available

  1. I don’t manage to use the “sms recieved” event. I tell eRobot the number and the word I’m looking for in sms texte, but it doesn’t
    Launch the actions.
    Is it necessary to use a spécificité application for sms ?
    Is there a special parameter to use with erobot ?
    Thanks for this application.

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