E-Robot 1.28 is available

What is new

  • New event: Control / Variable is set
  • New event: System / Clipboard changed
  • New action: System / Cancel notifications, all or by package, Android 4.3 needed
  • New expressions: Audio / Is in ringer mode
  • New expressions: Accounts / Auto-sync state
  • Mobile signal strength event: can handle LTE
  • Execute Robot command action: new “wait for finish” parameter
  • Wait action: new “wakelock” parameter
  • Variable value expression: “name” parameter can be an expression
  • Expression editor: boolean expressions can be wrapped by AND, OR and NOT operators easily
  • Variables screen: convert expression variables to constant
  • New “polling interval” option: never
  • Other fixes and changes

2 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.28 is available

  1. could you teach me how to use the simulate tap function, how i could get the xy position in my android device. my system info show me x:166.8 and y:1299.3, but it could’t work. ps: my screen is 1920*1080.

    thank you.

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