E-Robot 1.39 is available

What is new

  • New event: Control / Robot service started
  • New event: Control / Robot service stopped
  • New expression: Display / Orientation
  • New expression: Display / Is orientation
  • New expression: Bluetooth / Bonded bluetooth devices
  • New expression: Audio / A2DP audio routing to Bluetooth headset
  • NFC tag discovered event: new “id” filter, new “id” output variable
  • Notification posted event: Permission help text fix and permission check
  • Variable is set event: new “oldValue”, “newValue”, “changed” output variables
  • Camera action: new “orientation” parameter
  • GPS action: on older phones it can work without root
  • Set unlock password action: fix if password was empty
  • Mobile data action: fix for Android 5.0
  • Convert to number operator: has a new “radix” parameter
  • Lot of other changes and fixes

9 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.39 is available

  1. Does this version listen for PRE_BOOT_COMPLETED BOOT_COMPLETED CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE MEDIA_MOUNTED SCREEN_ON USER_PRESENT to autostart? It is hard to access Google Play in China, can I download it somewhere else? Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been using the app for awhile.
    Since the last update, the application group stopped event does not work for me (galaxy s5 cm12.1).

    Also, I have some events that are fired very often. Is it possible to add an event option for enabling/disabling writing the event in the history log.


    • Hi,

      I have just tried and worked for me. I don’t know if you know that an application doesn’t stop when you exit from it. You have to close it (Stop button or Remove from history) to be stopped.

      Which event is it which logs a lot?

  3. Hi, Barta!

    I spent all afternoon trying to setup an especific situation and I was not able to archive it. Can you please help me?

    I would like to turn off my bluetooh if after it was activated, It spend x minutes without connecting in a determinated device, in this case, my car.

    I imagine it would be something like “Bluetooth ACL NOT connected”.

    Thank you.

    • Command 1 to detect BL was turned on and executes Command 2 which turns BL off after X minutes:

      Event: Bluetooth state changed, when: on
      – Control / Wait: X minutes
      – Enable Robot command: Command 2
      – Execute Robot command: Command 2

      Command 2:

      – Control / Wait: X minutes
      – Change bluetooth state, state: off

      Command 3: detects if BL is connected, if so it disables Command 2 which stops its execution, won’t toggle BL off

      Event: Bluetooth ACL connected, keep device name empty
      – Disable Robot command: Command 2

      Maybe there are more and even simpler solutions.

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