Elixir 2.26 is available

What is new

  • Improved battery current detection, displays estimated current value on devices which aren’t supported
  • Recent app widget: hide app labels, exclude applications, longer app list, keep app list after reboot, remembers last index, …
  • Uptime widget: new “sleep ratio” label type
  • Volume dialog: ring and notification volumes can be linked/unlinked from ICS
  • Contact dialog: items can be hidden
  • Shortcuts for volume profile selector and for volume profiles
  • Statusbar icon can display brightness percent value
  • VPN settings can be opened from widgets as action or from device info screen
  • Other small changes and bugfixes (widget fix on Android 2.1, license checking improvements)

Battery current

Battery current widget wasn’t available on every devices before but from this version you can use it on every device. If an accurate current value isn’t available then the widget calculates an estimated current value from battery usage. In this case if you create a battery widget it will display – character for while, until battery level changes. After a change it will be able to calculate current value for the last period from elapsed time, delta battery level and battery capacity you have to set for the widget in mAh.

Recent application improvements

Recent application widget changed a lot in this version:

  • You can hide application labels if you check Hide app labels on the widget editor screen.
  • The widget editor can remember the last set index parameter and it makes it easier to add multiple recent application slot to a widget.
  • You can exclude applications from the recent applications list if you don’t want to see them there. To do it click long on a recent application slot on the widget editor and select the Set: excluded applications option, select the applications you want to exclude and save the widget. This is a global-scoped parameter so you have to set it for only one slot.
  • Refresh rate parameter has global scope so if you want to change refresh rates of recent applications then you can change it on only one slot and every other slot will use this setting.
  • Removed and unavailable applications will be removed from the recent applications list so no empty slots anymore.
  • Can display longer list of recent applications not only those which are retrieved by the system.
  • Recent applications list won’t be lost after reboot.

Link/Unlink ring and notification volumes from ICS

Ring and notification volumes are linked together on ICS devices. If you create a widget with a Volume toggle and click on it to open the volume dialog then you can see a chain icon in the row of Phone ring. Click on this icon to link or unlink ring and notification streams. If they are linked then ring volume changes if you change notification volume. If you unlink them then you can set ring volume separately. This is an Elixir-specific setting and will be used if you have a new call and work only if you have a home screen or statusbar widget with volume toggle.

Hide items from contact dialog

If you use a Contact widget with Elixir menu then it is possible now to hide items. So if you don’t want SMS rows or Work numbers to be shown now you can hide them. It is very easy to do that:

  • Open the contact dialog
  • Click on the eye icon in the header
  • Uncheck rows you want hide
  • Click on the eye icon again

Activate volume profiles with one or two click

If you have Elixir 2 installed then you can create shortcuts for volume profiles. If you click on the shortcut then the volume profile will be activated immediately. You can create shortcut for volume profile selector too. If you click on it then a dialog appears where you can select which profile you would like to activate.

3 thoughts on “Elixir 2.26 is available

  1. Elixir 2 – Widgets is perfect, but I still have a request.
    “Volume” is one of my favorite features, working before, I would use it to adjust the volume, but I hope it can automatically able to switch at a designated time.
    Most Tasker tool is unstable, so I hope Elixir 2 – Widgets replace it!
    Please care my feedback, and reply me.

  2. Hi Barta,
    I use Elixir 2 on a HTC OneX but the current in mAh is displayed in a factor 10, for example 1423 instead of 142.
    This happens in widgets as well as the status bar.
    The most recent version is in use.
    Is this a known issue?

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