E-Robot 1.2 is available

What is new

  • New events:
    • Sensors / Device turned over
  • New actions:
    • Set CPU governor
    • Show launcher chooser
    • Text-To-Speech
    • Vibrate (for a time or using pattern)
  • New expressions:
    • CPU governor: returns current governor setting
    • Call state: returns current call state (idle, ringing, offhook)
  • Application-based events: can work on Jelly Bean too; optimization
  • Sensor events: new “higher limit”, “lower limit” and “enter interval” parameters to make sensors easier to use
  • Is Time expression: fix to handle settings like “after 22:00 or before 6:00”
  • Commands screen: new “Enabled” setting to disable/enable commands easily
  • Other small changes, fixes

Enable/disable a command

Using the new Enabled settings you can disable a command without deleting it and it has better performance than setting a constant false condition:


5 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.2 is available

  1. If someone sends a text message, is it possible to store the telephone number and message body as a variable? Also, if this can be done are there plans to implement this in the future or possibly store parts/words of the message into variables?

    I would really like it if this could be done. A happy (paid) user of e-robot AND Elixir 2

    • I guess you mean when receiving SMS message using the SMS received event. Before you select this event you can see that it has two output parameters: from, message. They are variables which are available during command execution. So you can display them for example. You can site them in other variable if you want for some reason: Set variable (“savedMessage”, Variable(“message”))

      • well, here is what i am looking to do…

        if someone sends me an SMS, i want to be able to use the number it is sent from in the action. this way i will not have to make separate commands for each person. example:

        SMS Received
        from: 123 123 4567
        message: !WAKE UP!


        state: off
        vibration: disabled

        Change Volume
        stream: media
        percent: 100

        Play Sound
        file: wake_up_alarm.mp3
        wait for finish: no

        Send SMS
        number: 123 123 4567
        message: “your alarm is being played.”

        i would like to only have to create ONE event that would store the number of the person sending me the SMS in the EVENT and then use that in the ACTION.

        thanks in advance,

        (and on a personal note, i would like to thank you for creating these cool tools. you have really changed the way i use my android!)

        • That is what I wrote. In the Send SMS action you can set number as Variable(“from”). So the expression is Variable and the name of variable is “from”, because from and message are output variables of SMS Received event.

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