E-Robot 1.5 is available

What is new

  • New events:
    • Contact / Incoming call
  • New actions:
    • Bluetooth / Change bluetooth tethering state
    • Language & Keyboard / Set input method
    • 3rd Party / Elixir 2 / Reset mobile traffic
    • 3rd Party / Elixir 2 / Reset wifi traffic
  • New expressions:
    • Greater than operator
    • Less than operator
    • Bluetooth tethering state
    • Time text: result a formatted time text with parameterizable pattern
  • SMS received event has a “from” filter
  • Start shortcut action can handle direct dial shortcuts using Elixir 2 – Personal add-on
  • Commands screen: + button makes it possible to create a new command, copy the current command or add new event or action easily
  • Other changes, fixes

New options for + button

If you click on the + action button on the Commands screen there are a few new option available:

+ button

You can create a new command, clone the currently selected command and add a new action or event to the current command. The last two options is good for adding new events and actions without scrolling up to the proper header row.

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