E-Robot 1.13 is available

What is new

  • New action: Audio / Record sound
  • New action: Audio / Stop recording
  • New action: Audio / Toggle speakerphone
  • New action: Contact / Answer call
  • New event: Sensor / Device turned back
  • New expression: Audio / Speakerphone state
  • New expression: Location / GPS state
  • Calendar event started event: new “availability” and “all day events” filters
  • USB device attached event: new “name”, “product” and “vendor” filters and output variables
  • Wait action: new “max checks” parameter to wait for a condition or max time
  • Changelog dialog
  • Other changes and fixes: cell collection, proximity sensor, boot completed event

8 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.13 is available

  1. Thanks for the all the new features! I appreciate the chance to test some of them as we worked through some of my issues and suggestions. You are the most responsive developer I have encounered so far! Just one question: what exactly is “device turned back” mean? Does that mean turned back after your turn it one way already or that it’s turned on its back? Thx.

  2. That event is the inverse of Device turned over to make it easy to turn something off what you turned on when you turned your device over. Somebody asked me to make it possible to auto start voice recording when device is turned over until it turns back.

  3. By the way, you might want to figure out a way to get your apps to show up more prominently in Google Play searches. I’m hoping users keep buying so you’ll keep developing. I happened to stumble upon E-Robot when looking at other automation/profile apps (after clicking multiple times on “Users Also Viewed” and “Users Also Installed”). If I do a search for “automate”, “automation”, or “profiles”, I never see E-Robot or Elixir suggested (although they might be way, way down the list). I’m not sure how you would do this, but you might want to look into it so your apps are offered as better options to potential users.

  4. Hallo. I really love your apps. Thank you. I have 2 questions.

    1. How can I start an action when standard alarm (clock alarm in Android clocks ) rings? I need to turn on network when it rings in the morning. the problem is that everyday it rings at different time. Plus I often change it. I So cannot just create a standard pattern using alarm in robot events.
    2. Is it possible for Wi-Fi to switch off when signal is lost (it is easy ) AND is not restoring for a period of time to (for example 2 minutes ).
    thank you.

    • Hi,

      1: In the next release there will be a Date & Time / Clock Alarm Alert event which works for the default Android clock application. It is a very easy method to detect alarm.

      2: So you know how to trigger the event when Wi-Fi connection is lost. You should add a Wait action to the command with 2 minutes and then add a Turn Wi-Fi off action with a condition: Not ( Network / Network is connected (wifi) )

      If you would like to use E-Robot for problem 1 then I can send you a dev version to test and use before the next relese.

  5. Hello.
    Thank you very much for the answers.
    1. Please send me the dev version. Will be happy to test it.
    2. So I thought about wait command, but could not figure out the “not” condition. Thank you.

    By the way, I noticed a bug (feature or limitation?). I want for some applications to close (or freeze – I have root) automatically when I turn off the screen. I need it to be done for 2 reasons : A. To conviniently clean memory. For example, when I switch off the screen, the browser, the dictionary and some other software I put into the “auto-close list”, will be closed thus cleaning memory (I only have 512MB). B. To save battery life.

    I use event “screen off” and action “3d party”. Action would run the Elixir profile. In this profile I include all the applications I want to close automatically (auto-close list). I use profile as it is more convinient. No need to create big actions list in E-Robot. Plus I use this profile for some other manipulations.

    Now, to the problem : the problem is that if I turn off the screen, applications would not close. They would close only when I turn it on (no, I have not mistaken the “event”:)). The only way to solve it is to turn the screen off using Robot command with “wait” action in it AND thru widget (not thru hardware button). It is not very convinient.\

    So, why do you think, the software would not close if the using hardware button. Seems like, phone just sleep off complitely and the action is not executed. (I have root)

    I apologize for long message.

    • I answered in email. For everybody who read it: in the next release of E-Robot there will be a “Stop application group” action and using it you can create a task killer application from E-Robot easily. Stopping selected applications by one click (using shortcut) or triggered by any event.

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