E-Robot 1.14 is available

What is new

  • New action: Applications / Stop application group
  • New action: Test / Add history entry
  • New event: Date & Time / Clock alarm alert
  • New event: System / New notification
  • New expression: Operator / Random number
  • New expression: System / File exists
  • Confirmation: you can select if execute or cancel command after timeout elapses
  • Commands can be executed remotely by broadcasts
  • Fix: large history can be shared
  • Fix: image parameter preview isn’t stretched
  • Fix: “calendars” parameter of Calendar event started event
  • Polish language by Bodzio Wo
  • New supported devices

3 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.14 is available

  1. Great application. Is there a way to launch a command at the start of eRobot. For example initializing soleil variables…
    What does it mean “exact repeat” or “inexact repeat” in the alarms commands ?
    And finaly, how works the command “Boot terminated” ? I tried to use it but didn’t managed.

    • Hi.

      1: there is no way now to use trigger a command when E-Robot starts. But was it really useful? You know the application can be started many times during a day because the system can restart an app/service any time and it do it often.

      2: From documentation of Android: “Schedule a repeating alarm that has inexact trigger time requirements; for example, an alarm that repeats every hour, but not necessarily at the top of every hour.”. So it means that the system tries to minimalize device wake-ups for better performance.

      3: There is a “Boot completed” event, I guess you mean that. This event triggers when device reboot process finishes.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        About the “boot completed”, i tried to use it, but it never launches any command.
        I tried with a “display dialog” action, but i don’t see the dialog box… is there a special
        Way to use it ?
        In fact, i would like to initialize some variables at the first start of eRobot (it means..at boot)
        And i don’t succeeded.

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