Elixir 2.36 is available

What is new

  • Icon pack can be set for every widget
  • Stay awake toggle is available for rooted devices from Android 4.2
  • External storage usage can be displayed in statusbar icon
  • Toggle NFC directly from device information screen
  • Slovenian language
  • Other fixes and changes

6 thoughts on “Elixir 2.36 is available

  1. Hi,after last update screen timeout toggle doesn’t work properly – no matter the time set, it keeps changing itself to 15 seconds (activates likes this after each phone unlock). Motorola Atrix (GingerBread)

    • I don’t understand. Screen timeout toggle didn’t changed for long time and I tried it on my device and works well. Isn’t it possible that an other application or the system itself changes it back to 15 sec? What happens if you change screen timeout at System settings. Does it changes back to 15 sec?

  2. Oh, sorry for the fuss. After fiddling with the phone I found out the problem was caused by Screebl which after update introduced screen time-out option which is set at 15 sec as default and this setting overwhelmed all other apps, including system settings. Best regards!

  3. Samsung GT-I9100 Android 2.3.5 rooted – Elixir 2 v2.36
    Logcat error:
    “java.io.IOException:Error running exec().
    Command: [logcat -d -v time] Working Directory: null
    Environment: null”

    Elixir 2 v2.33.2 works without any problem.

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