E-Robot 1.30 is available

What is new

  • New event: Date / Clock alarm done
  • New event: Wi-Fi / Configured network is available
  • New event: Wi-Fi / Configured networks are not available
  • New action: Date / Set alarm
  • New action: Network / Download URL
  • New action: System / Read file
  • New action: System / Save file
  • New expression: Operator / Match text
  • New expression: Operator / Empty
  • New expression: Operator / Size
  • New expression: Operator / Element at
  • New expression: Operator / Property
  • New expression: Calendar / Active calendar events
  • New expression: Date / Next alarm
  • New expression: Wi-Fi / Configured network is available
  • Has active calendar event: new “from” and “to” parameters
  • Date expressions: optional “timestamp” parameter
  • Handling list and composite values
  • Settings: which screen opens when click on notification
  • Settings: run as foreground service to be more stable, not to be killed on low memory

8 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.30 is available

  1. For the “Wifi configured network is available” option – does this switch WiFi on periodically to see if a network is available? And if so, how frequently does this occur?

    • No, it doesn’t toggle wifi. On Android 4.3 or newer there is a “Scan always available” option at System Settings / Wi-Fi / Advanced. If you turn it on then it can scan networks even if Wi-Fi is off.
      This event is created for that this purpose.

      It can be used on earlier versions too but Wi-Fi must be on.

  2. Hello! Your app is awesome. I have a quick question. How to use a variable’s value in a condition?

    I have one command that sets variable “Var” with one of two logical values, “True” or “False”.

    Another command executes an action. I want to set a condition to it, so this action is only performed when the variable “Var” is “True”. How to do that?

    • Click on the action, select Set condition. Click on the pencil next to “And operator” or “No expression” and select “Change expression”. Then select Constants / Variable value.

      So you can set any boolean expression as a condition and you can use variable value too.

      • Nice, it works! I always stopped at the last step, because I was confused that the expression evaluates as “value: [variable name in text]”. Now I see that once everything is applied, the whole condition indeed evaluates as true/false after all. Thanks!

  3. Hello barta,

    I am new user of e-robot. I am facing a strange issue (Nexus 4 – Andoriod 5). I am using a location event to set my ringer to vibrate when I enter my work location. The command fires ok and ringer is set to vibrate as I can see the Andorid Vibrate icon in the status bar but when I receive a phone call, the ringer goes off of Vibrate mode automatically and phone start ringing on the volume at the last set level.

    Is it Android 5 related issue?.


  4. Hello Barta,
    Ignore my previous post. I think the issue was becuase of another similar product “Sound Profile” installed on my phone. Even though I had force stopped it, it was interfering with Ringer function of phone. I have uninstalled it. Hopefully that should sort it.

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