E-Robot 1.15 is available

What is new

  • New action: Test / Test – Location changed
  • New event: Calendar / Calendar event stopped
  • New expression: Battery / Is battery charging
  • New Debug screen to check what happens during command execution
  • Calendar events accept wildcard characters in title
  • Dock event handle unknown docks
  • Language setting to override default language
  • Displaying expressions is improved
  • Locations screen displays currently detected location
  • Fix: Alarm event can handle daylight saving time
  • Fix: Boot completed event
  • Fix: Is in location expression can follow location automatically

11 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.15 is available

  1. Hi,

    I didn’t see any information about “new notification” event in the E-Robot documentation.
    I tried to use it but it doesn’t works. Is it for System notification or only for E-Robot notification ?
    Does it works on the entire ticker’s label or it can use wildcards ?

    Thanks for this application. “Boot completed” works fine now !

    • Hi Tamas, thanks for emailing me about my note. As per your suggestion, I swapped out the Battery slot with something else (CPU) and from what I could tell, it was updating in the status bar. So then I placed the Battery info back in the slot, and alas the battery percentage updated automatically in the status bar as well. Not sure what happened there. Thanks for your app support. I love Elixir.

  2. Hi Tamas, first of all, a very very very thanks for your application E-Robot. It was the unique application that was able to transfer my phonebook to my Bluetooth radio car on the event of a “Bluetooth ACL connection” when my phone is in idle mode! I’ve tried Tasker and others but without sucess with the phone in idle mode! So I have bought a pro key from you, to encourage you. I haven’t post on the Google Playstore cause it ask for “Google+” account inscription that I haven’t and I don’t want to join. So far, again thanks !

  3. Hi Tamas!

    Thanks for this awesome app, it has endless possibilities. 🙂 Although I can’t find one. I’d like to repeat my action, let’s say I’d like to turn on my wifi every 30 minutes (and turn off of course). Can I do this?
    I know that there’s an Alarm event where I can set the repeat parameter but I’m also forced to set a When parameter which I don’t want to. I’d like to enable the “Wifi On” command by a widget and then it starts to turn on my wifi periodically. Is it possible?

    • Hi,

      if I were you I would use the Alarm event with 30 minutes repetition in a command. You can create one or two other commands which enables and disables this command. If you create a shortcut to the command which enables and executes the first command it will be repeated in every 30 minutes. The interval between the first and second execution could be less than 30 seconds but maybe it’s not a big problem. If it is then I should make the when parameter optional which would mean current time.

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