E-Robot 1.16 is available

What is new

  • New action: Applications / Clear application data
  • Location detection by wi-fi networks. Works well with “Scanning always available” feature of Android 4.4 with disabled wi-fi.
  • Reboot action: new hot reboot option
  • Fix: handling 3rd-party plugins
  • Other fixes

Location detection by wi-fi networks

From this version if you open the Locations screen you can set multiple wi-fi networks for any location. Click on the + sign next to Wi-Fi networks and you can set the bssid or ssid value of the network. If you click on the pencil icon you can retrieve the value of the currently connected network:


From Android 4.4 Wi-Fi scans can work even if Wi-Fi is turned off to make location-detection use less battery. So if you enable the Scanning always available feature at Settings / Wi-Fi / Advanced then this feature can give you an efficient location detection if you have wi-fi access at those locations.

2 thoughts on “E-Robot 1.16 is available

  1. Hello Tamas!

    I’d like to report a weird operation of the Wait action. So I have a command that repeats every 30 minutes. It turns wifi on, waits 2 minutes, then turns wifi off. It works great, but when I enable this command by a widget I always get a Please wait dialog, which is because of the 2 minutes Wait parameter I think. Couldn’t this “Wait” just work in the background? It’s only an issue when I enable the command.

  2. Tisztelt Tamás!

    Galaxy S4 mini telefonnál hiába van beállítva a Műveleteknél a Repülőgép üzemmód aktiválása, a telefon sajnos nem hajtja végre. A Történetbe bekerül, mint végrehajtott paracs, de nincs eredmény.

    Várom válaszát!


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