Elixir 2.4 is available

What is new

  • The background of widget popups can be disabled
  • Applications screen: the more information dialog displays uid, received bytes, transmitted bytes. Sorting applications by network traffic
  • Reboot toggle: you can set custom reboot commands, options are displayed as dialog
  • Customize widgets: you can set 6 different icon sizes, larger and smaller icons can be used too
  • E-mail unread count widget: you can set if the whole e-mail address should be used as username or not, view password checkbox
  • Brightness, Screen timeout toggle: new open dialog parameter to display choices as dialog
  • New language: polish (polski)
  • Bugfixes

Disable background of widget popups

Open the widget editor for shortcut or statusbar widgets and click on the configure icon in the header. You can hide background by enabling the Hide window background option.


Sorting applications by network traffic

On the applications screen click on the list icon in the header and select the Sort by network traffic option. If applications are sorted by network traffic then total, received and transmitted network traffic are displayed for every applications.


Change reboot commands

If built-in reboot commands don’t work for you then you can set device-specific commands. If you use the reboot toggle then these commands will be executed. To change commands click on the reboot icon and press the Settings button. A new screen appears where you can modify default commands. If you set an empty text as a command then that option will be removed from the dialog.


Change widget icon sizes

On the widget editor screen you can change icon sizes by the Icon size property. There are 6 options to choose from.
The image below displays the same widget with 4 different settings.


New e-mail account dialog

The new use e-mail as username setting is needed to access Gmail for Google Apps accounts. These accounts uses the whole e-mail address as username and it was not possible in Elixir before. The show password checkbox is useful if you would like to check if the entered password is correct or not.


Display choices dialog for brightness and screen timeout toggles

On the widget editor screen if you long click on the brightness or screen timeout toggle then you can select the Set open dialog
option to enable this new feature. If this option is enabled then clicking on the toggle will open a dialog with the predefined levels to choose from. You can set these levels too in the same way.

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