Elixir 2.8 is available

What is new

  • New screen for downloading icon packs from web
  • New icon packs: CHBS GlassPack, Snap Gradient
  • New widget type: mobile data toggle
  • Clear cache toggle: bugfix, displays the size of cache by default but free internal space can be set too
  • Maximum character count setting for widget types that display space amount
  • Volume dialog: close button in the header and OK button to close the dialog
  • Bugfixes: statusbar widget refresh problem, widget editor fix, …

Icon packs

A new screen has been created for icon packs available for download. Now you can see the preview of the icon pack with 10 example icons so you can choose easily. The icon packs are downloaded from the web so internet connection is needed to view this screen. If you click on an icon pack a popup dialog appears and you can download that pack, view the web site of the designer or write an e-mail to the designer if it is available. If you had a custom icon pack selected before you opened this screen then you can download the selected pack into the custom pack too.

If you don’t know where you can find this screen:

  • open the widget editor
  • click on the right arrow icon in the header and select the Customize icons option
  • on that screen click on the right arrow icon again and select the Download from web option


There are two new icon packs available too. The first one is CHBS GlassPack created by Gál István and the second one is Snap Gradient by Daniel Eke. You can see these packs on the screenshots above. Thank you guys for these packs.

Mobile data toggle

There is new Mobile data toggle that can be used in widgets to enable/disable mobile data. The first icon is the icon for the new mobile data toggle now and the APN toggle get a new icon.


Change accuracy for space amount labels in widgets

Labels which display space amount in widgets displayed at most 5 character before because usually there is no space to display more characters. In some cases it would be fine to display more accurate values because there is enough space. Now you can do it for the following widget types to change maximal character count:

  • Clear cache toggle
  • External storage
  • Internal storage
  • Memory
  • Mobile traffic
  • Wi-fi traffic
  • SD mount toggle

To change this value click long on the icon in the widget editor and select the Set max character count option. The second screenshot shows an example widget where each row contains different max character count settings.

2 thoughts on “Elixir 2.8 is available

  1. Hi,
    I liked the CHBS GlassPack icon pack and was using it for a while. Recently, the updated version had the calender icons for Mon-Sun changed into non-English language version. Is there a way to get those original icons back, maybe via a separate pack?

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