E-Robot 1.3 is available

What is new

  • New events:
    • Sensors / Device shaked
  • New actions:
    • Audio / Play sound
    • Other / Disable Robot Command
    • Other / Enable Robot Command
    • System / Close Notification Area
    • System / Open Notification Area
    • Wi-Fi / Start Wi-Fi scan
    • Wi-Fi / Connect to strongest network
  • New expressions:
    • Is Call State: returns true for the specificed call states
    • Wi-Fi RSSI: returns signal strength in dBm
  • Wifi RSSI dropped/raised events are removed: use the RSSI changed event instead
  • Better support of Locale plugins
  • The application can work well even if you enable “Don’t keep activities” on ICS devices
  • Other small changes, fixes

Connect to strongest Wi-Fi network

If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks available and you would like to be connected to the strongest one then you can do it with two commands. The first command is to initiate a Wi-Fi scan in every minute. If you use the Current time changed event then you can set time interval filters too:

Wi-Fi scan in every minute

In the second command you can use the new Connect to the strongest network when a Wi-Fi scan finishes:

Connect to the strongest network

It was easy, wasn’t it?

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