Elixir 2.17 is available

What is new

  • New widget: bookmarks, history
  • Flash toggle: can display a white screen with max brightness
  • Bluetooth toggles: open state-chooser dialog
  • Widget customization: change label color; custom colors for on/off/unread/missed states (donators only)
  • Better widget performance
  • System add-on: mobile data toggle
  • Other small changes, bugfixes (screen toggle fix for ics)

Bookmarks, history

A new Bookmarks, history icon can be used in widgets to display browser bookmarks and history in a dialog:

In the dialog you can see the bookmarks in white and history items in blue. By default these items are sorted by number of visits but you can sort by name and last visited time too. If you click on an item then browser opens to display the selected url. If you have more then one browser installed you can long click to select the browser you would like to use to open the link:

Flash toggle

From this version of Elixir if you don’t have TeslaLED installed then flash toggle opens an empty, white screen with maximum brightness that can be used as a flashlight even on devices without a flash. If you have TeslaLED installed you can use this new screen too, you can set on the widget editor screen if you would like to use the flash and/or the white screen. Just click long on the flash toggle icon and you can select one of the use flash and use screen options to change these values. You can close the white screen by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Change bluetooth state dialog

If you click long on the bluetooth toggle icon on the widget editor screen you can select the Set open dialog option to set the toggle to open the new dialog instead of changing the bluetooth state:

Widget label colors (donators only)

It is possible to set label color for every icon of the widget. You should open the widget editor, click long on an icon and select the Set label color to modify the color of the label. After you set the color you can use the default color again by selecting the Clear label color option. For an on/off toggle you can set different colors for the on/off states by selecting the Set label color – on/off options. The similar methods can be used to set notification color for unread email count, unread messages count and missed calls widgets:

On the following screenshot you can see how you can use this new feature:

  • the first widget uses different label colors for on and off states of toggles
  • the second widget uses different label colors to look well on this colorful background
  • the third widget uses different colors for every icons and uses red color for email notification

If you open the color dialog then the previously used color will be set as default color. So you can easily set the same color for multiple icons. For example if you would like to set gray color for off states and green color for on states then set gray for one toggle and after it set grey for other toggles before you set the green colors. If you do so then you can click on Ok right after the color dialog appears because it will display the same color used before.

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