Elixir 2.23 is available

What is new

  • New NFC toggle which opens the settings screen
  • Lock toggle can work with pin/password protection (admin add-on is needed)
  • Software info screen: new accessibility, drm and media effects rows; synchronization is moved here; rows can be hidden
  • Uninstall screen is removed and all the features are moved to the add-ons screen
  • Profiles: enable/disable application action (works only on rooted devices)
  • Support of Relative humidity sensor
  • Displays new information available from ICS
  • Other small changes and bugfixes (gps toggle)

NFC toggle

A new NFC toggle is available for widgets. This toggle opens system settings screen because it is not possible in Android for a third-party application to turn NFC on/off.

Lock toggle with pin/password protection

Lock toggle can be used from this version together with pin or password lock screen security. There is a new Set password option for this toggle if you long click on the toggle on the widget editor screen. Make sure that you set the same pin/password as you set for the lock screen:

It is important that Admin add-on 2.2 is needed to use this new feature. If this version is installed and device admin is enabled and you have set a password for the lock toggle then password will be disabled if you turn lock toggle off and will be set to the password you set for the toggle if you turn toggle on.

Changes on software information screen

The Synchronization row is moved from the device information screen here because it is a software-related information. There is a new Accessibility row which displays information about accessibility services:

If you scroll down you can see that there are two more new rows: DRM Engines and Media effects. Media effects are available only from ICS:

If you click on the settings icon in the header then you can hide or show any of the rows of the software information screen:

Add-ons and Uninstall screens

The add-ons and uninstall screens were redundant because they both displayed information about add-ons. So I removed the uninstall screen and moved all the functionality into the add-ons screen. You can safely uninstall applications there and you can see the current versions too:

New information available from ICS

Elixir 2 now supports and displays information available only from ICS devices:

  • applications: external code size; flags; ui options
  • bluetooth: profile connection states; device uuids
  • synchronization: adapter type / settings activity
  • features: wifi direct
  • camera: auto-exposure lock; auto-white balance lock; max number of detected faces; max number of matering areas; max number of focus areas; focus areas; metering areas; is video snapshot supported; video stabilization
  • settings: touch exploration enabled
  • input devices: stylus class