E-Robot 1.38 is available

What is new

  • New action: Audio / Change force use setting
  • New action: Contact / Send e-mail
  • New expression: Audio / Force use setting
  • New expression: Operator / If-then-else
  • New expression: Other / Weather information
  • New expression: USB / Attached USB accessories
  • New expression: USB / Attached USB devices
  • New expression: USB / Is USB device attached
  • Notification action: if “content command” parameter is empty then use Settings
  • Notification action: new “notificationId” output variable contains id of created notification
  • Cancel notification action: “id” parameter can accept expression
  • Broadcast received event: broadcast extras are available as variables
  • Save file action: new “su” parameter to save file to system directory
  • Substring operator: “start”, “end” and “length” parameters can be expressions
  • USB device detached event: new “name”, “product” and “vendor” output variables
  • Other changes and fixes