Elixir and E-Robot for Android by Tamás Barta


E-Robot 1.39 is available

What is new

  • New event: Control / Robot service started
  • New event: Control / Robot service stopped
  • New expression: Display / Orientation
  • New expression: Display / Is orientation
  • New expression: Bluetooth / Bonded bluetooth devices
  • New expression: Audio / A2DP audio routing to Bluetooth headset
  • NFC tag discovered event: new "id" filter, new "id" output variable
  • Notification posted event: Permission help text fix and permission check
  • Variable is set event: new "oldValue", "newValue", "changed" output variables
  • Camera action: new "orientation" parameter
  • GPS action: on older phones it can work without root
  • Set unlock password action: fix if password was empty
  • Mobile data action: fix for Android 5.0
  • Convert to number operator: has a new "radix" parameter
  • Lot of other changes and fixes
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Elixir 2.39 is available

What is new

  • Optimization of Applications screen
  • Android 5.0 fix: Mobile data toggle (root needed)
  • Lock toggle fix: couldn't set password if it was empty before
  • System add-on fix: converting to system app doesn't use the name base.apk because it could override other application or could be overridden
  • System add-on fix: uninstalling could delete all the priv-app directory
  • System add-on: Installs backup script which is used in CM when system is upgraded
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E-Robot 1.38 is available

What is new

  • New action: Audio / Change force use setting
  • New action: Contact / Send e-mail
  • New expression: Audio / Force use setting
  • New expression: Operator / If-then-else
  • New expression: Other / Weather information
  • New expression: USB / Attached USB accessories
  • New expression: USB / Attached USB devices
  • New expression: USB / Is USB device attached
  • Notification action: if "content command" parameter is empty then use Settings
  • Notification action: new "notificationId" output variable contains id of created notification
  • Cancel notification action: "id" parameter can accept expression
  • Broadcast received event: broadcast extras are available as variables
  • Save file action: new "su" parameter to save file to system directory
  • Substring operator: "start", "end" and "length" parameters can be expressions
  • USB device detached event: new "name", "product" and "vendor" output variables
  • Other changes and fixes
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E-Robot 1.37 is available

What is new

  • New expression: Network / IP address
  • New expression: Network / IP address network prefix
  • Location events: wifi-based location detection fix
  • Wi-Fi configured network is available event: new "excluded" and "ssids" parameters
  • Other changes and fixes
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E-Robot 1.36 is available

What is new

  • New action: Camera / Take photo
  • New action: Display / Hide screen filter
  • New expression: Operator / Match text
  • New expression: Date & Time / Second
  • New expression: Date & Time / Millisecond
  • New expression: Date & Time / Timestamp to milliseconds
  • New expression: Location / Last known location
  • New expression: Sensor / Proximity sensor value
  • Incoming call event: "number" parameter accepts wildcard characters
  • Screen filter action: new "disable input" parameter
  • New feature: asynchronous expressions are supported
  • Shortcuts: open E-Robot screens
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E-Robot 1.35 is available

What is new

  • New action: Bluetooth / Connect to device
  • New expression: Telephony / Network operator name
  • New expression: Telephony / Mobile signal strength (from 4.2)
  • New expression: Contact / Missed call numbers
  • New expression: Wi-Fi / Is Wi-Fi state
  • New settings: wifi scan intervals
  • Configured wi-fi network is (not) available event: uses wifi-scan as configured
  • Read file, Read file lines action: file parameter can be an expression
  • Notification action: new “content command” parameter
  • Change mobile data action: new method for 5.0
  • Sensor event timestamp fix
  • Other changes and fixes
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E-Robot 1.30 is available

What is new

  • New event: Date / Clock alarm done
  • New event: Wi-Fi / Configured network is available
  • New event: Wi-Fi / Configured networks are not available
  • New action: Date / Set alarm
  • New action: Network / Download URL
  • New action: System / Read file
  • New action: System / Save file
  • New expression: Operator / Match text
  • New expression: Operator / Empty
  • New expression: Operator / Size
  • New expression: Operator / Element at
  • New expression: Operator / Property
  • New expression: Calendar / Active calendar events
  • New expression: Date / Next alarm
  • New expression: Wi-Fi / Configured network is available
  • Has active calendar event: new "from" and "to" parameters
  • Date expressions: optional "timestamp" parameter
  • Handling list and composite values
  • Settings: which screen opens when click on notification
  • Settings: run as foreground service to be more stable, not to be killed on low memory
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E-Robot 1.29 is available

What is new

  • Help / Examples: download, request or share examples
  • New event: System / New notification posted
  • New action: Applications / Set notification enabled
  • New action: System / Execute pending intent
  • New action: 3rd party / Active CyanogenMod profile
  • New expression: Calendar / Has calendar event
  • New expression: Contact / Has unread e-mail
  • New expression: Contact / Unread e-mails
  • New expression: Network / Network type
  • New expression: Network / Network subtype
  • New expression: System / Has notification
  • Alarm event: 2 hour option
  • Outgoing call event: new "abort call" parameter
  • A2DP connection state changed event: new "name" filter
  • Record sound action: “path” parameter can be any expression
  • Event output variables are displayed on Commands screen
  • Other changes and fixes


If you open the Help screen of E-Robot you can see a new Examples tab there where list of examples is shown:


If you click on an example you can see its description or you can download commands for the selected example. After downloaded the commands are available on the Commands screen and they are active so you can try them immediately:


On the Examples tab you can share your commands by clicking on the Share icon on the bottom and selecting commands you would like to share. Send these commands to the developer via e-mail and write a short description what these commands are good for.

You can request an example too by clicking on the pencil icon.

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E-Robot 1.28 is available

What is new

  • New event: Control / Variable is set
  • New event: System / Clipboard changed
  • New action: System / Cancel notifications, all or by package, Android 4.3 needed
  • New expressions: Audio / Is in ringer mode
  • New expressions: Accounts / Auto-sync state
  • Mobile signal strength event: can handle LTE
  • Execute Robot command action: new "wait for finish" parameter
  • Wait action: new "wakelock" parameter
  • Variable value expression: "name" parameter can be an expression
  • Expression editor: boolean expressions can be wrapped by AND, OR and NOT operators easily
  • Variables screen: convert expression variables to constant
  • New "polling interval" option: never
  • Other fixes and changes
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E-Robot 1.27 is available

What is new

  • New action: Audio / Stop playing
  • New action: Control / Reinit robot command
  • New expression: Constant / Timestamp value
  • New expression: Date / Increase timestamp
  • New expression: Date / Set timestamp
  • New expression: Location / Current location
  • Alarm event: "when" parameter can be an expression
  • Location events: can work without automatic location detection
  • Play sound/ringtone action: new "loop" parameter to play sound until stopped
  • Update location action: can update location by "cell"
  • Clock alarm alert event: handles SonyEricsson built-in clock
  • Other fixes and changes

Schedule command execution

In E-Robot you can use the Alarm event to execute a command at a specified time. You had to set start time manually in previous versions. Now from this version when parameter of this event could be an expression, for example a variable with timestamp value.

Let's imagine you want to play a sound right after one hour of turning gps on maybe for remembering turn it off it not needed:

  • Create a PlaySound command with an Alarm event, where when parameter is set to Variable value with name PlaySoundTime.
  • Add a Play sound action to this command to play a sound file.
  • Create a GpsOn command with an event to detect GPS turned on.
  • Add a Set variable action to this command to set PlaySoundTime variable.
  • The value of this variable will be the new Increase timestamp expression. Set timestamp parameter to Timestamp expression to get current time and set hours parameter to 1 to increase current time by 1 hour.
  • After that all we need to do is to add Reinit robot command action to reinitialize Alarm event of PlaySound command

Locations without continuous detection

In previous versions if you used location-based events like Enter location then continuous gps or cell detection were active depending on your location settings.

From this version it is possible to disable automatic detection for these kind of events and use Update location action even for cells to force location detection only once and try to determine where you are. So now you can control when and how location detection is needed.

For example if you want cell-based detection but only when you turn screen on to save power you create a command with Screen turned on event and add an Update location action to this command by selecting cells. It will use current cell information to determine in which location you are and triggers location-based events if location changes.

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